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Information, Terms & Conditions



If you require an ISBN (not necessary for private books for friends and family) it can be obtaining online here

Once you receive the ISBN we can then make a barcode for you if required.


The National Library no longer allows printers to get ISBN's on your behalf.


If you would like to continue with the production of your books you can email us your print ready PDF files or send us a Dropbox link or Upload at and we can begin the process by producing a fully bound proof copy of your book.  This is included in the price if your order is for 100 books or more.  Please note that we cannot produce a printed proof copy for orders of less than 100 books. Normally we provide an online proof copy for orders under 100 books. This enables you to view the book on screen and turn the pages similar to a real book. If you specifically need a physical proof copy we are happy to provide one at a cost of $50+gst and freight. If you are concerned about the accuracy of reproduction of colours we strongly recommend you opt for a printed proof copy.


Purpose of the Proof Copy


The printed proof copy is provided so you can check the quality of the printing, colours, binding, cover etc to make sure you are happy with everything before the final books are printed. It is provided on the basis that the number of books that were quoted on will be ordered once the client is satisfied with the proof copy. If the order or specifications change it will be necessary to re quote the job.


Should you require any further information or help in sending your files please do not hesitate to contact us. If you require any help with design, we have our own Book Designer who can help you with as much or little design and layout as you would like please ask us for more information. 

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