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The Self Publishing Process


Save Money and Keep control of your book with Self Publishing.Many first time authors try to get a deal with a publishing house and finish up with little or no profit from their own work.


A traditional publishing company will effectively handle all aspects of your book, from editing to distribution. The publisher will also take ownership of your printed books But all of these services come at a price. Typically, the author will give up a lot of rights in the process. Another problem can be getting a publisher to take on your work at all. Whilst established authors may have little problem establishing a contract for their latest book things are rarely that easy for the new author. Getting a 'foot in the door' can be hard work. With self-publishing, the author undertakes the publishing function. will get your book into print and you will own these books. You are then responsible for promoting and distributing your book. But you also keep all of your rights and the profits you make from your sales.

Decisions to make regarding Self Publishing

View the publication of your own book in a similar light to the reader's decisions for purchasing one type of book over another:
Is your book likely to be popular and used as a reference work or become a bestseller? If so, choose hardback first.

Is your book testing the waters, a first off print run, a novelty or specialist topic, or just a big unknown? If so, choose softcover first.

Are you trying to keep down the costs of your print run? If so, choose softcover first.

What are your readers likely to prefer? (You're going to have to stand in their shoes a bit for this one.)
Consider whether it is either viable or possible for you to print a run of both hardcover and softcover books.

This might enable you to meet the needs of each type of reader. However, it's likely that your budget will be the ultimate deciding factor here as this will definitely be a more costly way to produce the book. ~ Self-Publishing is a full-service self-publishing company specializing in short runs to medium runs, usually up to about 1000 books.
We make it easy to get your book into print. We're more than just a printing company. Our experience in the graphic design and publishing world–combined with our high-resolution printers and understanding of production and bookmaking set us apart.
High-quality short-run self-publishing is our specialty. We print runs from 10 books to more than 1000 copies, it's no problem.
Your book will be of the same high quality found in the high-street book stores. We can supply both paperback and hardback books or a mixture of both.
From start to finish, can handle the entire self-publishing process for you:

Layout and design advice
Scanning and digital photo editing
Copyright registration
Bar Code Generation
Cover design
Custom paperback, hard back , wire bound or saddle stitch binding options.
We are your complete self publishing solution

Self-Publishing can be easy to do and will be there every step of the way.
Our experience reduces the amount of time and money you spend getting your book into print. Contact us today and learn how you can get your ideas published.

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